Hm. Angry People.

2009-02-10 17:39:02 by CrazyFoChrist

Well, yesterday I posted my first vid on Newgrounds. Yay! :D Unfortunately, I got alot of comments that said my video sucked because this is a flash site only. I was not aware. Is anybody forgetting the Klaymation episodes? Those aren't flash.

I mean srsly LOLOL.


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2009-02-10 17:45:58

Here on newgrounds people don't want the submissions to be alike youtube's movies..which I think you understand..maybe you did a good try..btw I like your profile picture!

CrazyFoChrist responds:

:P Thanks


2009-02-10 18:03:43

It does not show any artistic tallent. A video can be made by anyone, it takes real skill to do a flash. The Klaymation episodes are acceptable it requires the use of stopmotion production. Bottom line, I don't doubt your artistic tallents butif you want to show a video, go to youtube.

(Updated ) CrazyFoChrist responds:

Then why can't you make one?